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Professional Websites at a Fraction of the Cost!

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We Take Care of The ‘Techie Stuff’, You Deal With The Clients!

Partnering with WebDog is a great opportunity to add value to your current business or even start your own agency. Offer clients high quality websites & service without the headaches or need for skills …


Have The Tools

When selling a WebDog site you’re truly offering a world class product


Great Support

We have done the hard work for you! Everything is controlled quickly and efficiently from a centralised platform!


Reap the Rewards

Our partnership packages are second to none! Selling World Class websites cannot be easier!

We Send Clients to YOU! Visitors to WebDog are Forwarded to Their Nearest WebDog Agency



WebDog will work with our partners to establish mutually beneficial regions based not only on geographic location but on potential customer base.

When an enquiry comes into the DogHouse we’ll forward it to the nearest partner to deal with.

A WebDog partnership is all about growing together, we always listen and resolve the problems we can.

WebDog Wholesale Packages

Our attractive wholesale developer packages offer the opportunity to really prosper with our partners.

WebDog will sit nicely with your existing media operation.  We have a very strong brand with click and go systems that makes life super easy for the partners. The websites we create are of the highest quality and set up in a few hours, hence the very attractive wholesale price.  Support and updates are managed centrally so aftercare is also of the highest quality.

The Process

Your WebDog world class Website is ready for you to add the client’s content, work on the SEO and be an integral part of your business.


1000s Templates

Choose a theme/template that best suits your client’s needs



Order & supply the required information through our online form



WebDog will build your site based on the chosen theme



Sign off and pay balance

Compare a WebDog Partnership With The Traditional Franchise Model

Features WebDog Web Design Franchise
Startup Cost Very Low Very High
Co-op Marketing Cost None 2-5%
% of Revenue to Franchisor None up to 15%
Setup Time Hours Months
Minimum Contract None 2 to 5 years
Complexity Low High
Local Control Full Very Limited
Integrate into Existing Business Yes No

WebDog Support You Through the Whole Process!

From initial quotes and invoicing to managing the project through to completion. All managed from your WebDog Partner Dashboard


Check Out The Demo
Username: demo Password: demo


Own Pipe Drive Account

We keep you constantly in the loop with a PipeDrive account. You are notified every step of the way making sure you are able to answer ALL questions that the client asks.



State of the Art Admin Area

We use WordPress as the CMS for the website. You have FULL access to the admin area


Choose from 1000's of Themes

We have integrated our system with Themeforest, so when a theme is added to your client’s site, they will own the licence for that theme along with ALL passwords


Service Second to None!

WebDog sites have a support ticket system that goes directly to the Old Dogs ensuring your client gets the best help ALL the time.


Video Help

Each site is set up with it’s own Video Help page – consisting of up to date videos that will take the strain away from the client always contacting you to show them how it is done.



Fully Hosted and Updated

All WebDog sites are hosted on our very own brand new servers – as part of the hosting fee we update WordPress, the theme and all plugins used by your client on a daily basis!



Marketing Tools

From DLE’s to Websites, Business Cards, Online Newsletters, Offline Newsletter Drops (the WebDog Blog) we can help you with it all!




We are looking for partners in YOUR area. Our licensing opportunity is available to the selected few – your earning potential is limitless!


WebDog Sites Are Built on WordPress, the Most Powerful and Popular Web System in The World

All WebDog sites are built and managed using our proprietary management systems. WordPress powers something like 25% of all websites with brands such as BBC, Fox News, Sony, Star Wars trusting in the system.

WordPress is open source software and at any time there are literally thousands of programmers working on the architecture … no other content management software can compare.

The downside, if you can call it that, to WordPress is that it’s so comprehensive it’s a little complicated to set up, manage and maintain.

Your WebDog partners run centralised management from their dashboard so the sites you sell are not only exquisite but are always up-to-date with the latest upgrades and security … which is very important!

Fully Responsive Layouts

We know that your website needs to be accessible and readable on all devices. We made WebDog sites fully responsive so that your designs look great no matter what. With the content management system, you design your desktop website, and WebDog does the heavy lifting for you.

YOU Are in Control!

webdog web control

The biggest issue many companies face once their site is delivered from outsourced programmers, even if it’s on time and on budget, is that when staff want to make changes, even to change a headline, they have to go back to the web agency … and guess what? They don’t work for free! About WebDog CMS   WebDog sites are built on the World’s most powerful Content Management System (CMS), WordPress. ANYONE, even those without the slightest hint of programming experience can manage their website through a very simple, intuitive control panel …

If you can type a Microsoft Word document you can:

  • Add new pages
  • Edit existing pages
  • Alter the navigation
  • Add images
  • Add video
  • Add products to a portfolio
  • Add images to the slide show
  • Add a gallery
  • Update prices
  • Update your catalogues
  • Add latest news
  • Add to your company Blog
  • Change colours
  • In fact you can change the whole look and feel of the site in minutes.

Your new WebDog Website is limited only by your imagination!

The Pricing Model Offers World Class Websites at Barking Mad Prices, with Plenty of Meat on the Bone!


WebDog Self Managed Website

High quality, affordable websites built on WordPress

WebDog Retail Price $997
YOU GET $400

  • FIVE pages added (content provided by client)
  • Availability for unlimited pages and media
  • Content management – (Self Managed)
  • Any available dummy content provided by theme


WebDog Mobile Applications

As the world goes mobile this being able to offer apps certainly gives you the edge

WebDog Retail Price $2997
YOU GET $1000

  • Push Notifications Added to Google and Apple
  • One admin dashboard
  • No need to update app and website separately
  • And much more…


WebDog Self Managed Online Shop

Online shop based on WordPress and WooCommerce

WebDog Retail Price $1497
YOU GET $800

  • FIVE pages (content provided by client)
  • Availability for unlimited pages, products and media
  • 4 Dummy products
  • Any available dummy content provided by the theme

The Opportunity to Upsell Adds Real Bite to Your Business

All WebDog pricing is easy to understand and modular. The client can pick and mix modules to suit their needs and budgets.

The core packages eg Pro Site or Online Shop, will suit most needs but if a client is after a more involved build the pricing is clear and transparent.  There are literally thousands of off-the-shelf plug ins for the WebDog system and 99% of the time there is a great one to do the job. Upgrades are priced separately and based on a combination of plug in and hourly rates. You receive wholesale rates and any mark up is yours to keep. 

You Get $50

You Get $50

You Get $50

You Get $50


Google+ Business Page

WebDog Retail Price $147

Google My Business connects you directly with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+. WebDog will set up Google My Business putting your client’s business info on Search, Maps and Google+ so that customers can find them, no matter what device they’re using.


Google Analytics Setup

WebDog Retail Price $147

WebDog set up a google analytics account, add in the websites and add you to a webmaster account (all set up for you). WebDog will then confirm with Google that you are up and running. We will also set up a robots.txt and sitemap to the webmaster account tying together the 2 accounts.


Facebook Business Page

WebDog Retail Price $147

Social Media is the buzzword these days. Social Media enables the development of relationships with clients and potential customers in ways that other channels don’t. Your client will receive a unique Facebook page linked to their own account with company profile, image and more.


eMail Newsletter System

WebDog Retail Price $147

Build an engaged audience. Mailchimp is one of the best email newsletter systems in the net. It allows you to have up to 2000 email clients and send to them 4 times in a month FREE! WebDog will set up an account, create a template newsletter and import all your email clients as a CSV file.

What Will a WebDog Studio Licence Cost?

Let’s start with what you get:

  • Official WebDog partner site
    YOUR Site is featured at the WebDog Portal View
    Partners can promote all their services through WebDog View
  • Customer invoicing system
  • Sales and project management system (CRM)
  • WebDog portal and ordering system
  • Training

Marketing materials to get you started:

  • Point of Sale Display
  • Starter Pack View
  • All marketing materials supplied at cost

Investment from $997


Ready to Join The WebDog Pack?

Let’s get down to the detail: All WebDog partners pay a low initial licence fee FROM $997 depending on your location.

The fee covers your initial training, marketing pack and support we provide to all new WebDog partners, coupled with the grant to use WebDog systems and exclusivity.

Deployments, hosting, plugins and systems are supplied on an ‘all you can eat’ basis

A fixed fee is charged per deployment, per hosting subscription and per plugin.

Talk to us to find out which WebDog solution is right for you.

Come and explore the WebDog Bolt-on opportunity
For more information, give us a call or fill in the enquiry form.

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We Are The WebDog Family

A creative agency located in Nelson New Zealand run by entrepreneurs. Our goal is to make the Internet accessible to all. That means the very best service and solutions at an affordable entry level.


“There are many ways to build a website”

Line several up and they all look the same however, as a programmer eloquently put it, “different artists can paint the same subject in many different styles.

Each will achieve the same objective, a nice painting of a tree for instance, but each has their own individual style.” The problem is there are better ways than others to programme a website … And how are you ever going to know if you’ve got a good one?

There’s a ton of free options out there but in our experience you get what you pay for.  At WebDog we pride ourselves on the fact that we have run our own businesses successfully since 1999. WebDog is built on WordPress, the most powerful and popular Web development platform available … and what we use to run our own sites.

Fully Branded Web Studio Operations

WebDog take care of the entire process, from branding to operational systems and infrastructure.

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